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Studio Projects

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MHCI+DPrototyping Studio projects. I independently explored a variety of rapid prototyping and testing methods, test multiple iterations and present our findings to the class. Below are some of my early prototypes.




Website Rapid Wireframing

This task involved a wireframe redesign of the University of Washington's DUB website. This was a timed challenge to re-imagine the website that represents an alliance of faculty, students, researchers, and industry partners in Human Computer Interaction & Design research and education at the University of Washington., 

We were supplied minimal guidelines except to improve upon the current design. We set off to prototype the website and create an interactive prototype with InVision.




Mobile App Rapid Wireframing

Call My Rep is the result of a rapid, timed challenge to wireframe a mobile app that would give citizens a greater voice in local and national politics. This app would supply simple and concise overviews of the government bills, news and trending topics and enable users to instantly call or send an email to their representatives based their district.

We were supplied minimal guidelines and set off to prototype our initial visions and create an interactive prototype with InVision.


Though the results of this rapid wireframe is far from perfect, (navigation and information architecture flaws), it was excellent practice and a skill that I hope to further develop.



Paper: Usability Testing - MOBILE APP & iWatch

The user in this video was given a script and instructed to complete a set of commands with the mobile app and watch app prototypes to the best of their ability.

Their participation was closely observed and they were asked a series of questions on their experience with initial design.


There was some confusion with the usability test script as well as the purpose of the app. A more thorough user on-boarding as well as several design iterations would have likely improved the experience.

3D Modeling: Rhino


Physical Modeling


 more to come...