User Experience & Product Design



A Comprehensive City Guide, Curated by In-The-Know Locals

The Challenge

Provide UX/ UI design guidance, Usability and AB testing for local start-up, designing a city guide mobile app for IOS and Android devices. 


CURIO is a mobile, city guide application which supplies users with curated recommendations from locals who drive the world's best cities. Uncover the richest experiences from award winning chefs, to acclaimed artists and creatives. Get the inside scoop and discover the best of international cities from the people who make them great.


6 months +


UX Design &
User Research
Usability Testing



App Walkthrough



Constantly improve the product through an iterative cycle and measure user response.



Research & Usability

Observe User Behavior For:

  • Moments of delight, satisfaction, frustration?
  • Mismatch between the desired and actual experience?
  • Latency or confusion in the interaction?
  • Sticky points within the user journey?
  • Where do users linger?

Ask Key Questions:

  • What makes this product stand out from the rest? 
  • Does your target market have a need for this product?
  • What are the key use cases and scenarios for the product?
  • What are key motivators when discovering a new city and why?
  • How do users search, what do they look for and when?
  • How do users plan itinerary?


Conduct A/B Testing

  • What language resonates with users?
  • What visual style/format/typography captures attention?
  • Which dashboard is preferable, why?
  • How do users differ and why?


    Usability Tests

    We are conducting moderated-remote, in-person & unmoderated-remote tests including:


    • Benchmark Testing: Benchmark tests are summative studies which allows us to set a benchmark to compare future designs against.

    • Heat Map Tracking: Click tracking heat-maps enable us to collect data about user's clicks and where they linger within the app. This helps us determine which areas receive most attention and which potentially cause confusion.

    • Competitive Testing: A method where users attempt the same set of tasks on competing products to provide us with meaningful comparison of time spent as well as behavioral and attitudinal reactions to each.

    Iteration. Iteration. Iteration.


    We also utilize  Cursor heat maps, AB tests, User Polls, Surveys and verbal feedback to capture a variety of information.

    Our results have prompted changes in product UI, interaction and UX including:

    • The method of toggling between cities
    • Removal of initial login/create account requirement
    • Addition of a 'Favorites' category
    • Tile item detail delivery
    • Curator summaries delivery
    • Curator recommendation quotes
    • Map navigation interaction and integration user location
    • Addition of 'Nearby' category
    • Addition of 'customized lists' (in progress)
    • Modification of category titles or organization (in progress)
    • Addition of local accommodations (in progress)
    • Visual style/iconography and layout (in progress)
    • Addition of languages (in progress)



    I believe that UX design is an ongoing & continuous cycle which includes
    user engagement, testing, feedback, iteration and implementation.


    Stay Tuned! More to come...